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Welcome to the Rules Repository. Here you'll find the rules to dozens of game shows, both past and present. From classics like Pyramid and Family Feud to recent arrivals such as Greed and 2-Minute Drill, you'll find all of the pertinent information you'll need. Also, the Repository contains pictures of the set, logo, and games in progress, to help you get a feel of the show, even if you've never seen an episode.

For those with a yen for hearing opinions, each rulesheet ends with a section called "Loogaroo Looks it Over". It's here that I'll give a few thoughts on what I liked or didn't like about the show. I rate every show on a scale from one to ten, with four grading criteria:

    Gameplay: Here, I'm looking for a good, solid, cohesive format of the game, one that gets the home audience involved as well (they don't necessarily have to play along, but if the game elicits some sort of interaction with viewers, that's a plus). This accounts for up to 3 points of the score.
    Host: Every show needs someone to run it. A good host is sincere, witty, has a good sense of timing, and grasps the concept enough to keep it going. The Host grade also contributes up to 3 points.
    Presentation: We're talking about the audiovisual aspects of the show. If the music and set convey an atmosphere that enhances the experience, it will serve to benefit this score. Up to 2 points are available in this category.
    Execution: This grade accounts for things such as the stability of the format (whether it held firm throughout the run or the rules changed every week), camera angles, and the correlation between the prize and the task required to win it. 2 points is the maximum here.

A show with 8 or more points is very good; less than 5 points is poor.

I should mention that much of the information regarding the show's Lifespan, Host, Announcer and Producers are derived from The Encyclopedia of TV Game Shows, 2nd Edition. Some of the information (especially regarding announcers, who rarely appear in the credits these days) is missing; anyone who could help me fill in the blanks would be greatly appreciated. Special thanks to David Livingston for providing some screenshots of All-Star Blitz for me, as well as Michael Klauss, whose Logo Library provided the logo to Hollywood Showdown. Finally, if someone could help me out with getting clean screen captures of The Magnificent Marble Machine, I'd be greatly appreciative.

One final note: we're currently in the process of moving all of these rulesheets to my new Game Show Rules Wiki. As more pages get added of the Wiki, we'll be removing them from here just to save space. If you see that a rulesheet that was once here is now missing, chances are it's now on the Wiki.

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