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Loog's Game Show Host Controls

Over the years, I've put together a handful of programs that you can use at home to play a variety of games, both produced outside and created by myself. Here they are, in one convenient area, for your downloading and enjoyment.

Buried Treasure (Version 2.1)
The first original game created by yours truly, Buried Treasure is a light-hearted and fast-paced Q&A game where players try to find a treasure chest hidden on the game board. Each treasure chest earns time that can be used in the bonus round. Find the three chests filled with buried treasure in the bonus round before time runs out and you win!

Download Buried Treasure (2.51 MB)

Luck of the Draw (Version 1.0.2)
This is the game where a little memory, a lot of strategy, and just enough luck can win you thousands of dollars in cash! (No real cash awarded.) Originally a 'Net game played via mailing list, the home game version of LotD pits two contestants against each other in a race to place playing cards on their board so that they go in order from lowest to highest. The more cards they play in one turn, the more money they get, but one bad card and they lose it all.

Download Luck of the Draw (3.2 MB)

The Weakest Link (Version 3.1.2)
The cutthroat quiz show ran for 3 years in the states, is still going strong in the UK, and is available for download right here. Play a 6-, 8-, or 9-player game, with customizable chain values and an optional music pack with real music from the show. It even includes sound clips of Anne Robinson telling off eliminated players!

Download The Weakest Link (1.3 MB)

Download TWL Music Pack (25.5 MB)

Oh, and one more...

There's one more host control available, but for fear of getting sued, I have to keep it a secret. It is a show, however, that you've probably seen me talk about quite a bit in the past. To download it, go to your address bar, delete "homegames.shtml" and replace it with "name of". Here's a hint: in its most recent run, the show title was one word.